25 June 2022
Ukrainian Vibes 2022
  Köln, DE Other events


The first event of the Ukrainian Vibes project will take place in Cologne next Saturday, 25.06.22 at 12 pm at Roncalliplatz. The event will bring together Ukrainians and interested people in two discussion rounds under the Europe Dome. The Ukrainian Vibes Team, a project of Democracy International e.V., will be represented together with seiSTARK e.V.. The first part of the event in Cologne will be about coming to terms with Ukraine's difficult history and about civic participation. The second part of the event will deal with the humanitarian consequences of the war and related issues of gender inequality.  The event starts at 12 pm and will end after two rounds of discussions and a break at around 4 pm. Everyone is invited to participate.The team offers assistance with translations into Ukrainian, English or German. The project and construction team of the dome are four young volunteers, Anna and Olha from Ukraine and Katharina and Nele from Germany.



Stadt Köln
50667 Köln