The International Democracy Community is the global hub of people working on issues of direct democracy. Any activists, experts, officials or organizations working on issues of direct democracy are welcome to create a profile. This will allow them to share information on their projects, create and share events that they are organizing and participate in learning opportunities such as summer schools and webinars.

Because we care about delivering quality information, Democracy International is committed to carefully curating the content on this website. This means that in order to create a profile on this website, users first need to apply. After the verification process, users are allowed to publish their profile and events they are organizing.

To preserve the party-political neutrality of this website we cannot allow political parties to publish an organisation profile, we kindly ask that our users respect this. Of course, individuals who are members of a party and are committed to direct democracy and citizen participation are still welcome to create a profile for themselves.

We will not tolerate profiles or events that contain content that is disingenuous or demeaning, nor will we accept content that is in disregard of German law or does not adhere to common standards of respect for Human Rights.