Welcome to the International Democracy Community

This website is dedicated to those active on issues of direct democracy, participation and citizens' rights around the world. Countless people and organisations around the world work daily to make the way we make decisions more inclusive and to improve the societies we live in.

Through our work with these activists and experts throughout the world it became clear to us that what many of us needed was a global network, linking up all of the people working towards a world in which citizens have the final say. We wanted to connect the democracy rights protester in Tunisia with the citizens’ rights expert in Uruguay. We wanted to help the city official launching a participatory budgeting project in France benefit from the experience of his counterpart in Mexico, and put the local activist trying to improve her neighbourhood in Australia in touch with the organisers of a citizens’ initiative one town over.

On the International Democracy Community, you can make a profile to present your work or that of your organisation, you can share events you are organising and perhaps most importantly you can share your experiences and learn from those of others. We want this platform to become the digital emanation of the vibrant and inspiring network we have witnessed in real life, sharing our work with each other and the world.


This Community belongs to you

We have been working on this project for a long time now: developing a vision, gathering feedback, sketching a blueprint and finally building the different elements into a coherent platform. We know that this website is not perfect - yet. But because this tool ultimately does not belong to us, but to you, the activist, the expert, the protester and the city official, we now need your help. Use the platform, share it with the people you think would be interested and let us know what should be improved. Let us know what you need to do your work better.


Democracy International

International Democracy Community is a project by Democracy International. Democracy International aims to create more opportunities for exchange, networking and cooperation for people working on direct democracy issues. Our goal is to inspire and nurture initiatives everywhere.

We are a Germany-based NGO working on the promotion of direct democracy and citizen participation worldwide. Our aim is to give citizens a real say in political decision-making by strengthening direct democracy at the national, European and global level. Democracy International advocates for more transparent and participatory policies, supports activists internationally and organises opportunities to learn and exchange best practices.