22 November 2023
Life as an activist - Taiwan and East Asia
  Taipei, TW Seminar


What does the journey towards democracy look like in the East Asian region? Over the last decade, countries here have faced various democratic challenges. Taiwan, for instance, underwent a remarkable democratic transformation in the 1990s. Yet, the island continues to grapple with security and sovereignty as the People's Republic of China claims it as their own. These nations deploy democratisation to safeguard their values and show unity among their diverse populations in the face of an autocratic adversary.

In this webinar, Brian Hioe will join us. He is an impassioned activist-journalist who took matters into his own hands by launching his own magazine. His mission? To tackle the growing menace of disinformation in Taiwan. His question resonates loudly: How can journalism play a pivotal role in strengthening the pillars of democracy?


  • Brian Hioe
    A activist-journalist and founder of New Bloom Magazine
  • Bruno Kaufmann
    Political scientist and author of various publications about direct democracy at the local and transnational level
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