1 December 2020
Every vote counts - looking at ballot measures during the US elections
  Cologne, DE Debate


Much has been written on the US Presidential elections, but on 3 November American citizens voted on a lot more than a president. In this webinar we’ll look at direct democracy in the US and what was on the ballot beyond the choice of a president.

- Panel Discussion: Direct Democracy in the US

Direct democracy has a 120 years-old tradition at the state level in the US: How does it work, how have initiatives dealt with Covid-19 regulations and why does no referendum instrument exist at the federal level? We’ll hear from some of the foremost experts on direct democracy in the US.


- Showcase: On the ballot

On 3 November, voters in 32 states decided on over 120 ballot measures from minimum wage, to drug legalisation, to wildlife protection. In our second panel of the evening, we hear from some of the initiatives on the ballot on their campaigns, their experience with direct democracy in the US and collecting signatures in times of Covid-19.

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    18h00-19h00 CET Panel Discussion: Direct Democracy in the US
    19h00-20h00 CET Showcase: On the ballot


  • Moderator: M. Dane Waters
    Board Member, Democracy International e.V.
    Profile on this website: 
  • Panel 1: Jackie Mitchell
    Ballot Measures Staff Writer- Ballotpedia
  • Panel 1: John Matsusaka
    Author: Let the People Rule
  • Panel 1: Paul Jacob
    Citizens in Charge Foundation
  • Panel 1: Oliver Hall
    Center for Competitive Democracy
  • Panel 2: Ben Pollara
    Senior Strategist, Florida for a Fair Wage
  • Panel 2: Rick Ridder
    Lead consultant: Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund
  • Panel 2: Sam Chapman
    Campaign Manager Yes on 109 - Access to Psilocybin Therapy