Colombia and Latin America

In the Latin American region, where conflicts often have deep roots, we see remarkable signs of hope emerging. In this context. direct democratic instruments can be powerful tools that give voice to long-underrepresented groups.

Increasingly, minority groups and indigenous populations have turned to direct democracy to make their mark on the fate of their countries. The crucial question that arises now is whether this development can lead Latin America out of the maze of conflict into a more inclusive, more sustainable future.

Menderson Mosquera shares his powerful journey from surviving violence and inequality in Colombia to empowering others to engage in politics safely. Join us for this insightful webinar.


Mini Documentary - Menderson explains the realities and challenges of democracy activism in Colombia


During the webinar Menderson was joined by:

  • Alejandro Robayo, a researcher for the Barometer Initiative. His professional and research experience has focused on participation, social mobilization, and peacebuilding in the region.
  • Maria Alejandra Victorino, Advocacy Coordinator Extituto de Politica Abierta - Ms. in Industrial Engineering with emphasis on public policy. Experience in the public sector and professor at Uniandes


If you want to get in touch with Menderson, you can reach him here:

Twitter X - @memoqui02

Instagram – mendersonmosquera_

Facebook – Menderson Mosquera


Re-watch the webinar here





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