New in the Community: Atlas Movement

We are excited to introduce Atlas Movement as one of the members of the International Community. Atlas is the global movement that organizes and mobilizes people across the world to make their vision of a united planet a reality. They run consultations and campaigns and incubate projects to create an inclusive global movement capable of creating revolutions.


In the summer of 2019, Andrea Venzon and Colombe Cahen-Salvador were immersed in discussions around the world's hottest topics: the catastrophic effects of climate change, the uprising of citizens demanding democracy and the related repressions, or simply the injustices minorities continually face around the world.

As a result, they decided to act by founding NOW! (the previous name of the organization), the global movement pushing for humanity to work as One, to solve the biggest challenges of our time.

Within the first year, they ran five global campaigns to promote democracy worldwide, proposed drastic actions to curb the climate crisis, advocated for a higher representation of women in political power, and pushed for a fairer distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, among other topics. 


Atlas members from all continents hit the streets to raise awareness, organize protests, and collect signatures. Together, they created a global community that achieved early successes: they formed coalitions of politicians pushing for parity, and others helped create a League of Democracies. Atlas is a fast-growing organization that has accomplished several achievements since their establishment. Some of these achievements, amongst many more, include:


  • Launching multiple activism campaigns on topics such as democracy, vaccines, women’s rights, and climate,
  • Running a political campaign challenging the U.N. Secretary-General Selection process and elected a former head of state as a candidate, which was discussed at the U.N. General Assembly,
  • Reached more than 5 million people on social media & recruited +20,000 supporters, and organized hundreds of events, protests & actions across the world.


Ongoing campaigns

Atlas is currently working to design, build, and launch a Democratic System of Global Governance. One that is people-led, transnational, in which humans unite beyond national borders! This is being done through a grassroot consultations for a global democracy. They are currently running consultations online and in person across the globe between January to July 2023 where they interrogate questions such as what the core issues of today’s global governance are and what are the solutions, to ensure maximum democracy.