United States of America
Join the discussion: Should the United States establish a nationwide initiative and referendum process?

As the United States presidential elections are approaching, it is easy to forget that on November 3rd American voters will also decide on 120 state-level ballot measures and countless local ones. But while 26 states allow statewide initiatives, veto referendums, or both, no such mechanism exists on the national level. Our partners at Swissinfo are inviting you to have your say on the question of nation-wide referendums in the US.

On November 3, as well as electing a new president, more than 150 million US citizens across the world will decide on hundreds of local and regional level citizens’ initiatives and referendums.  

But as the world’s oldest modern democracy suffers continuing polarization and populism, a growing number are proposing such a remedy at the national level: the adoption of direct democracy, which would allow Americans to vote, by referendum, on the biggest questions dividing the country.

What do you think? Would you be in favour or against such a democratic change in the republic? Why?


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