Over the course of three months the Tunisia Democracy Connectors Team interviewed democracy activists in exile. You can watch the full interviews here.

Activists in Exile - Tunisia Democracy Connectors Interview with Hamza Nasri

The Tunisia Democracy Connectors team travelled to Sweden to interview human rights activist and co-founder of IARF (Intersection Association for Rights and Freedoms) Hamza Nasri. Tunisia was once the birthplace of the Arab Spring as well as a shining example of democracy ermerging from that wave of revolutions that spread across many countries of the MENA region in the 2010s. Twelve years later, democracy in Tunisia is in crisis. Since president Kais Saied rose to power 2019, he has started a process of dismantling democracy, carrying out a constitutional coup in 2021. Since then, there has been an increasingly severe crackdown against activists and migrants. In this interview, Hamza Nasri grants us insight into what he believes has gone wrong on Tunisia's path to democracy, into IARF's work, as well as into his own journey as a queer human rights activist between Tunis and Stockholm.



Activists in Exile - Interview with Ronnie Vitalia

The Tunisia Democracy Connectors travelled to Berlin, where they interviewed queer rights activist Ronnie Vitalia. In this interview, Ronnie gives insights into their beginnings as an activist, their lived experiences as a queer person in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, migration and the role of the European Union in times of conflict.