Direct democracy, Citizen participation, Policy-making and Legislation, Public administration, Peace-building
  Adelaide , AU
We know that, done well, deliberative engagement has benefits that are profound and far-reaching. Genuine deliberative engagement is DemocracyCo’s heartland. We are leaders in this space with a strong and proud pedigree of policy, politics, and facilitation of deliberative engagement, both in Australia and overseas.



  • We are global leaders in deliberative democracy
  • We have conducted over 90 deliberative processes since 2015
  • At DemocracyCo we create opportunities for citizens to participate constructively in the decisions that matter to them.
  • Our work is nonpartisan and impartial - and we work with governments, private and the nonprofit sector




DemocracyCo is a world-renowned team with a proven track record in using democratic engagement to guide governments and stakeholders, and engage and mobilise communities. Our work offers a way to create sustainable solutions to complex problems: solutions that empower the community, align the diverse needs of individuals, governments and organisations, and give real, evidence-based solutions that help them to answer some of the big questions that face our world today.



  • Citizens Assembly on Responsible Social Media Discourse (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
    democracyCo designed and delivered this Citizens’ Assembly. Participants were recruited from across BiH by Sortition Foundation. We led a team of 8 local facilitators to conduct the process and support the citizens to develop the charter.
  • Citizens Jury on Motor Accident Insurance, Australia
    We designed and delivered a citizens jury & engagement process whereby industry representatives worked in partnership with government and actuaries to design potential models with the jury choosing the final model which was legislated.
  • Citizens Assemblies (x5) on Covid Recovery, Bangsamoro, Southern Philippines
    We supported a local facilitation team to design and deliver the 5 assemblies conducted by the Minister for Labor with HD.
  • Citizens Jury on Road Safety
    This Citizens’ Jury of 50 South Australians met for 5 days. The Jury made 13 recommendations, 11 of which the government adopted and were legislated.
  • Citizens' Juries on Nuclear Waste Storage
    The world’s largest citizens’ jury of 350 people met for 6 days, prefaced by a smaller jury of 50 people who met for 4 days - to determine if the government should store the worlds' nuclear waste. Decision was upheld.
  • Citizens Jury on Dog and Cat Management
    The Jury provided significant direction to the focus of the Act. In particular, the Jury determined that the state should pursue mandatory de-sexing and the Minister (as committed to prior to the process) implemented this through the Act.