Tamara Ehs, working on democracy innovation and citizens' participation
Tamara Ehs
Citizen participation, Research and academia, Policy-making and Legislation, Representative democracy, Education and youth participation
  Vienna , AT
Tamara Ehs works as a scholar and consultant for democratic innovation and political education. Her research focuses on social issues of democracy and participation. Currently, Tamara is working on project called EUtopia’s Democracy Cities with the iac Berlin and on an int'l comparison of Austria's democracy and human rights during the CoVid19 crisis with SFU Vienna. Her recent book Krisendemokratie deals with the challenges for democracy during the CoViD19-crisis.



  • democracy reform / citizens’ participation / political education, esp in first-time voters’ education
  • Advisory Board Member "European Capital of Democracy"




Tamara Ehs holds a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Vienna and has studied Political Science and Law there, at Sciences Po Lille as well as at the European Academy of Legal Theory in...


  • If no vote, at least voice
    Almost a third of Vienna's inhabitants do not have the right to vote because they are not Austrian citizens. The situation reflects a dilemma of contemporary democracy in migration societies.Our project asks about the political ideas of those unheard
  • Krisendemokratie
    This book is a combination of recommendations for democracy to survive a crisis. I provide 7 lessons we should all keep in mind to avoid the backsliding of democracy.
  • EUtopia’s Democracy Cities
    The project EUtopia's Democracy Cities introduces visions and practical tools for urban democracy. Starting from Vienna it is designed to spread out to other European cities with a multi-national population.
  • Democracy and human rights during the Corona crisis. Austria in international comparison
    The project aims to classify Austrian crisis management during the Corona pandemic with regard to fundamental rights that are particularly relevant to democracy, such as freedom of expression, data protection, freedom of the press, etc.