Mr Schulte during the finals of the Democracy Innovation Award 2021 (Council of Europe)
Sven-Marten Schulte
Direct democracy, Citizen participation, Research and academia, Environment, Lobbying and Advocacy
  London , DE



  • Runner-up Democracy Innovation Award 2021 (Council of Europe)
  • Hosting or facilitating Peoples Assemblies and Citizens Assemblies around the Globe


  • Working together with international institutions, cities, citizens and movements to host assemblies
  • Training, knowledge transfer, process design and other help to those who would like to organise PAs/CAs themselves


  • Citizens Assemblies
  • Peoples Assemblies
  • All forms of direct deliberative democracy
  • Democracy innovation
  • Democracy & environment
  • Democracy & human rights


Participative Democracy creates an exchange platform of moral and practical support, multi-lingual interactive training, resources, research and collaborative, remote working amongst XR groups and non-XR groups (international instutions etc). PartDem acts as a catalyst for process design & implementation of Citizen Assemblies and Peoples Assemblies, as well as for receiving of advice, experiences and ideas on participative democracy of all hues.


  • The Global Assembly
    The Global Assembly is a global citizens' assembly consisting of one hundred persons from around the world chosen by sortition to discuss issues facing the world as a whole. PartDem was facilitating one of the 10 BO Rooms of the Core Assembly.
  • Citizen Assembly on Climate (France)
    The Citizens Convention for Climate is a citizens' assembly held in 2019 and 2020 which discussed reducing France's carbon emissions by 40% from its 1990 levels in a spirit of social justice.
  • UK Climate Assembly
    The UK Climate Assembly is a citizens' group formed in the United Kingdom in January 2020 whose goal was to issue recommendations for how the UK could satisfy its climate change law—the Climate Change Act amendment passed on 27 June 2019.
  • Contributions to safeguarding democracy advocates during times of military coups
    Every year, more democracy advocates are murdered. PartDem has aided persecuted members of democratic society in several dictatorships through human rights protection work and democracy safeguarding activities.