Truly democratic community management system
Robert Fialek
Direct democracy, Civil society, Digital democracy, Research and academia, Lobbying and Advocacy
  Zurich , CH
I've created an exceptional voting system called Wikikracja. This system is a result of 3 major parts of my live:
1. Since 2006 I'm studying swiss semi-direct democracy. I was member and president of Association for Direct Democracy in Poland. I've participated in law creation and was a part o 2 large popular movements for direct democracy.
2. I'm developer and linux administrator.
3. I'm interested in psychology.
All of that is in Wikikracja.



  • Wikikracja is a voting system without administrators
  • Corruption is eliminated in Wikikracja
  • Community have first and last word on every subject
  • Our philosophy is to build grass root communities first
  • OpenSource


  • Expertise in IT, swiss democracy and psychology
  • Free and OpenSource voting system
  • I can adjust Wikikracja in any way required by community
  • I have small server and some space on it


  • I'm looking for trully democratic communities and organisations
  • I'm looking for testers
  • Contact to press
  • Python/Django/JavaScript developers
  • None technical people all kinds


2006 first time heard about swiss political system and realised that this is the solution for all our problems. 2008 become member of Association for Direct democracy in Poland. 2011 became president of this association. 2015 I've started work on Wikikracja which is matured and also dynamically developed solution. It is currently used in 8 groups.

I saw rise and fall of 2 large popular movements in Poland and learn that going in to a politics is not right way.