Nirrosion S Perera
Nirrosion Aluthnuwara
Citizen participation, Civil society, Human Rights, Policy-making and Legislation, Peace-building
  Kraichtal , DE
"Global peace advocate & social worker, Nirrosion S Perera, empowers young people, community leaders, and religious groups to build harmonious networks for peace in Sri Lanka. Through leadership training, conflict resolution, and eco-conservation, he fosters trust and cooperation for a more peaceful and sustainable future."



  • Initiated socio-ecological project in Sri Lanka
  • Founded Members of Young Social Workers (MOYS) for conflict resolution
  • Provided leadership training for non-violent social change
  • Created Religious Action Alliance (RAA) for inter-religious cooperation
  • Gained cross-cultural experience working in India
  • Led peacebuilding activities and cultural projects at Sewalanka Foundation Est


  • Expertise in Peacebuilding and Conflict transformation
  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration
  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Conflict sensitive Project designing


  • Transnational Governance /Justice
  • Diaspora Truth And Reconciliation
  • Direct Democracy
  • Peoples Constitution building
  • People Initiative
  • Peace Building


Nirrosion is a global peace advocate, builds bridges between communities. He empowers youth, fosters interfaith dialogue, and promotes peacebuilding through cultural exchange and economic development. His dedication extends to conflict zones and disaster relief. Now in Germany, he continues to advocate for a more peaceful world


  • People’s Power Citizens Festival: Fostering Democracy Through Inclusive Dialogue (FDTid)
    In response to the urgent need for transformative political engagement in Sri Lanka, the People’s Power Citizens Festival (FDTid) seeks to reignite the spirit of the Aragalaya movement and channel it into a new, inspiring political movement ,
  • Jaffna Discourse
    The Jaffna Discourse is a national initiative that aims to achieve sustainable peace in Sri Lanka by engaging all stakeholders in a constructive and inclusive dialogue. the Jaffna Discourse goes beyond the other Peace Initiative by proposing a three-
  • Movement Of Young Social Workers (MOYS Sri Lanka)
    ​MOYS Sri Lanka was started by students from School of Social Work at the National Institute of Social Development. All the students came from different ethnic, social, and educational backgrounds. They had a common understanding of grassroots leve