Livia-Alexia Dumitrascu
Human Rights, Development and empowerment, European Union, Global Governance, Education and youth participation
  Bucharest , RO
I am a third year student at the Bachelor programme of the Faculty of International Relations and Economics at the Department of Economics and International Relations from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.Being student at this university, I had the opportunity to follow some interesting courses and to participate in some extracurricular activities such as workshops, webinars, events and i also did some internships. 



  • I engage with current events and global politics
  • Language proeficiency: C1- English, B1- French, B1- German, Mother language- Romanian
  • Trainee at Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation and intern at Ministry of Foreign Affairsn at
  • I aspire to a career in diplomacy or international development
  • I always try to integrate interdisciplinary approaches in their studies such as events, conferences: SSWF


  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively
  • Deep understanding of global issues and current events
  • Analytical skills
  • Dedication to leverage the knowledge about political affairs
  • Eager to contribute to positive change in global affairs


  • Equality
  • Different culture
  • Development
  • International relations


The employment history includes an internship at the Romanian Government where I was distributed at the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When it comes to volunteering, I have been member at ESN ASE-CMP Bucharest  since March 2022 and in the past I was member  of Student Union of the Academy of Economic Studies.