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Bruce Nappi
Direct democracy, Citizen participation, Public administration, Global Governance, Local Governance
  West Brookfield , US
Author, Collapse 2020: Birth of Personalized Democracy. My research made a discovery that can overcome gridlock in governments and the breakdown of communication between people in society. Personalized Democracy could usher in a new political system that, for the first time in history, gives citizens DIRECT access and input to all parts of the governing process. It provides direct and novel involvement in legislation so that each person’s personal needs are respected and implemented.



  • Author, Personalized Democracy
  • Personalized Democracy solves major limitations of Direct Democracy
  • Author, Collapse 2020
  • Collapse 2020 describes hidden flaws society is missing


  • My research discoveries through books and papers
  • Direct support to help organizations improve their communications


  • I'm looking for relationships to share my research discoveries
  • A new model for Human Consciousness
  • A new model for Direct Democracy - "Personalized Democracy"
  • The causes of social polarization and breakdown


For many years, I researched gridlock in democracy and the general breakdown of communication in modern society. I was very lucky. I discovered serious hidden flaws that exist in modern implementations of Athenian Democracy and electronic communications. These discoveries suggest new approaches to remove the flaws and enable major improvements in citizen government. The discoveries led to the development of Structured Dialog and the Structured Forum methods. MSc Aeronautics MIT '69