Adrian Zidaritz
Adrian Zidaritz
Direct democracy, Citizen participation, Digital democracy, Global Governance, Representative democracy
  Walnut Creek , US
Founded Stronger Democracy Through Artificial Intelligence, a California-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to do research and develop AI-based models and applications for strengthening of democratic institutions around the world. Although the main focus is on federal representative democracy, we also work with direct democracy at state and local levels.



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  • Support and guidance if you want to join our organization.
  • Mentoring of younger researchers and software developers who want to join.
  • Promoting common goals with sister organizations.


  • Formal approaches to selected areas of AI.
  • Use of AI to strengthen election security.
  • Use of AI to strengthen online voter identity and trust in that identity.
  • Smart contracts on blockchain for strengthening democratic institutions.
  • AI models for gathering public opinion.
  • AI models for evaluating citizen satisfaction with their representative.


Computer Scientist, PhD Mathematics, MSc Computer Science. Have led data scientists and machine learning engineers in distributed AI projects where the science of AI and the engineering of AI play equal roles. Since 2022, focused almost exclusively on how to use AI to strengthen democratic institutions. A related but more futuristic aim of my work is the design of formal AI regulations and formal (=mathematical) proofs that AI systems satisfy them.


  • Stronger Democracy through Artificial Intelligence
    AI will affect society in deeper ways than any technology before it. At SD-AI we believe that democratic institutions are better suited than autocratic ones to steer AI towards good outcomes and that we can use AI to strengthen those institutions.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Dreams and Fears of a Blue Dot
    This is a collection of eighteen articles I wrote about AI, based on the notes I took during my career. Six of them are background, and should be read first and in order, while the remaining twelve are about various topics, in no particular order.
  • AI, Democracy, Human Values, ... and YOU
    My essays on Substack about the interaction and the potential positive feedback loop between these four elements.
  • Democracy and AI Collision: Navigating the Crossroads of Power and Technology
    My article on Medium about actions that can be taken to avoid collisions between democracy and AI.