Tunisia Democracy Connectors

Who are we?

We are a team of four interns: Khaled and Hichem from Tunisia, and Antonia and Elena from Germany and Austria. All four of us come from different disciplinary backgrounds and have come together here at DI in Cologne on a stipend funded by ASA to work on this project between Tunis and Cologne together.

What is our project?

The project we work on is one with two phases: the first in Cologne, the second in Tunis. The goal our project is to increase visibility and awareness for the lived realities of democracy and LGBTQ+ activists in Tunisia. Given the illegality of homosexuality in Tunisia, members of the LGBTQ+ community are under constant threat of arbitrary arrests and dehumanizing physical examinations. The situation for activists is similar, with arrests and raids being a frequent occurrence.

What do we do?

During our time in Cologne, we will host a series of events: movie screenings, talks from activists, and debates. Sign up for the Democracy International newsletter to stay informed